Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good wet and warm Tuesday morning, All.  Did I say warm?  Well, on the news the temperature is listed as 59F.  In January!!!  Won't last long--the temperatures tomorrow will be falling through the day and won't get out of single digits on Thursday and Friday.  They also say that the entire area is under a flood watch because of the copious amounts of rain expected.

Here we are on an equally wet though not so warm Wednesday.  The temperatures are supposed to fall from the current mid 30s to the mid 20s by late this afternoon.  The rain should shift to snow.  Let's see if I find anything worth commenting on.

Please don't try to tell me that this can't happen here.  We also have shady corporate and governmental actors whose favorite sport is evading environmental law and social/criminal responsibility.  The only difference is their language and religion.

Hope you are all having a good Thursday.  Definitely not warm today.  Temperature is 18F with wind chills are in the single digits.  We did get a bit of snow--not nearly as much as the weather people had thought.

The NY Times posted this story and I hope it is just the tip of the iceberg.  If the number of applications to law schools are dropping it means that a lot of prospective law students are considering very carefully the old means of paying for their legal education (student loans) and deciding against.  I wonder if a similar pattern shows up in graduate schools.  My quick and dirty internet search yielded contradictory results.

I have followed this story for some time.  I have read several economic analyses of China which conclude that China will get old before it becomes wealthy because of the gender and age imbalances resulting from the One Child Policy.  To that I would add--China will become a polluted wasteland before its people enjoy the prosperity industrial development promised.

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