Thursday, February 19, 2015

The weather report says Chicago has tied their record low and we still have time to break it.  Minus 7 is definitely cold.  They may break their record low high for the day as well.

The Contrary Farmer has another good piece on GMOs.  I agree and would add that I would have no problem with them IF the foods made from them were labeled so we can make an informed decision about what we eat, IF the company compensated farmers who find their crops contaminated by nearby GMOs and for the costs of replacing seed they can't save and plant because of such contamination.  And IF the process really delivered on its promises.  But GMOs don't boost yield over traditional varieties.  They don't allow farmers to use less herbicide and pesticide on their fields because the pest and weeds are becoming resistant and farmers have to use more and more dangerous chemicals.  Over all, this is another scam designed to move money from farmers to big ag companies.

The nice thing about staying inside on these bitterly cold days is that you can enjoy pictures like this. And Chicago has set a new record low: -8F.

A little while ago I made a list of the seeds I want to start this season along with their sowing/starting recommendations.  Last night I looked at the list again and made a note of the date I should start those seeds I should start indoors.  So far I have scheduled all my tomatoes, all my peppers, the Moldavian balm, stevia, and bee balm for March 1.  Next week I need to fill my starter pots with potting soil and move my plants around upstairs so I can set up the heating mat.

Evidently I am no the only one anticipating spring.

The (s)news media is making a big deal about Jeb Bush's claim that he is his own man even though he loves his brother, his father and his mother.  However, only one report noted that his advisors are almost all people who were in this brother's and father's inner circles.  In what sense exactly is he his own man when the advice he gets is from their advisor?

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