Friday, February 27, 2015


We woke to a fresh blanket of snow.  How thick it is we don't know yet since it is still dark.

Gene Logsdon, the Contrary Farmer, has a piece about the cranky, obstinate, and magically driven machines that rule the world.  Or at least one variety of them--old tractors.


Single digit temps this morning.  The snow yesterday only amounted to a couple of inches of light, easily shoveled fluff.

I saw stories about an edible coffee cup that McDonalds (I think) is introducing in Britain.  Cute idea to drink the coffee and then eat the cup.  I found this item about another proposal to provide coffee cups with a life after coffee.  The Kickstarter proposal involves using recycled paper embedded with wild flower seeds.  Drink the coffee and plant the cup.

I am always on the look out for different plants that might be interesting to grow.  I found this by way of Carolee Newsletter and followed up with a quick internet search that took me to Territorial Seed.   A grafted plant with tomatoes on the top and potatoes below.

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