Sunday, February 1, 2015

We are snug here waiting to see if the blizzard and snow totals are as forecast.  We did get, maybe, 2 inches over night.  I will see if we got the freezing rain at some point when I clear some of the patio--mainly the path from the door to the gate.  After the last bit of freezing rain covered by snow I moved the "salt" from the shed (the door of which tends to freeze shut) to inside the house right next to the door.

So what am I reading this snowy, blustery Sunday at the beginning of a new month?

This post by way of Naked Capitalism.  I have long thought that the "industrial model" of production (produce as much at the lowest cost possible to be sold for the lowest price possible hoping that someone somewhere will buy it in the quantities produced) has been pushed to the breaking point.  It has migrated from steel and autos to agriculture, education, and banking (think subprime loans for everything.)  As with most technologies (and organization is as much a technology as an iPhone) it works well--until the negative consequences, which often aren't apparent early on, mount up.

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