Monday, March 2, 2015


In the deep, deep freeze again.  Somewhere between -6 and -8F.  We don't have anywhere to go and nothing to do outside so we will be staying inside and warm.

I like seeing new (to me, if not exactly new to everyone else) gardening techniques.  Here is a DIY set up for a vertical aeroponic set up I found because this commercial application intrigued me.  Vertical systems are very interesting because I have a very limited horizontal area to use.


Welcome to March.  We had a bit of light snow overnight which is continuing now and it is about 25 degrees warmer.  This photo of the "slurpee wave" off Nantucket has made the round on the various news outlets.  It has been the coldest February here as well though the snow total, thankfully, did not make the record books over all.  The weather people tell us that the "normal" temperature for this time of year is around 40.  We might get one day of that mid-week.  And the "normal" for the end of March is low 50s.  All I can say is "from you mouth to the weather gods' ears."--


After the snow ended yesterday we had another 2 inches.  It looks clear right now but it is still dark.  The weather people say we should have sun though the temps will say below 20.

There is one thing I definitely do not want to participate in:  the internet of things.  I don't want my refrigerator compiling my grocery list, sending it via e-mail to my local store to be filled and delivered while they bill my bank account directly.  Nor do I want to take pictures with my phone and up load them directly to my "cloud" account.  Or surf with my "smart phone."  I don't need to control my thermostat with my cell phone.  I sincerely hope the day never comes when I have no choice but to participate.

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