Friday, March 6, 2015


Cold again but we do have hopes for the weekend for more normal temps (40s) and a nice stretch of sun.  We are still rearranging stuff and getting things sorted for redistribution elsewhere--as in to the Good Will or Salvation Army.  We have done that on an irregular basis since we moved here sixteen years ago.  Mom had an overstuffed one bedroom apartment and I had a not so overstuffed two bedroom house when we decided to merge our households into a two bedroom townhouse apartment. Although we both got rid of a lot before we came here we still had a lot to shoehorn into our small space.  Time to do that again.

Here is something I can definitely approve.  I hate exercise for the sake of exercise not matter how it is talked up as a health benefit.  I have noticed a number of articles lately recommending we spend less time exercising.

We saw this on the news last night and could only shake our heads and say:  What??? Another one???

A good reason not to travel to New Zealand or to leave your electronics at home if you are.  And then there is Canada where you can be charged with the crime of hindering immigration officials by refusing to give up your passwords.  That last is now in the courts.  The surveillance state is alive and expanding world wide.

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