Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Supposed to be nicely warm today--in the 70s.  But only for today.  Tomorrow puts us back to more normal temps in the mid 40s.  The snow is mostly gone from the patio and I was able to sweep up some of the seed that the birds have scattered all over.  With the spring cleaning/de-cluttering over the last couple of weeks I haven't got seeds started yet but I hope to do the first round over the next couple of days.

I found this by way of Down to Earth.  Anyone who can read this and still have an appetite for commercially produced "foods" has an amazing tolerance for crap.  I don't so we avoid it as much as possible.

Tuesday--Happy St. Patrick's Day

Much cooler today and so very windy.  I thought it had taken off my wind spinner (for the second time) but found it entangled on the double shepherd's hook.  I won't be disentangling it any time soon because a pile of icy snow still lingers below and in front of the hook.


Thankfully the wind has died down.  We would have been comfortable in spite of the cooler temps yesterday but for the wind.  I didn't see much I wanted to comment on.  Let's see what I find today.

No need for me to comment on this.  Englehardt and Levinson say it all too well.

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