Thursday, March 5, 2015


Oh, damn.  Just heard on the news that the Daylight Savings switch comes this next week end.  I hate those time shifts.  Our temperatures are dropping right now and will end up in the mid to low teens.  With between a quarter and a half inch of ice on the sidewalks we didn't go out at all yesterday.  Can't see what things look like right now--too dark.  We'll see what it looks like later.  Hope the forecast for the weekend pans out--dry, sunny, temps in around 40F.


Didn't have much to comment on yesterday.  We got into a rearrangement of furniture which took up our energy.  We still have some finishing up to do but I have a plant table in front of our living room window--just about the only place in the apartment where we get any sun at all.  I need to get the starting bench arranged with the heating mat so I can get starter pots filled and seeded.  That area is under a grow light.  My plans to start seeds are the only real sign of spring so far.

I have seen this on a couple of other posts.  Thought I should finally take the time to share it.

The news flash that Wal-Mart was rolling out a "green badge" to help its customers make more environmentally savvy choices passed me by.  Even if I had taken notice of it I wouldn't have changed my shopping habits.  I don't shop Wal-Mart if I can possibly avoid it and, usually, I can avoid it.  Grist has a post which concludes that the new program is just a continuation of Wal-Mart's old strategy of going for the appearance but ignoring the substance.  That is often the least expensive option.  They don't have to actually do anything.

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