Friday, March 13, 2015


More decluttering today and getting all the boxes and bundles together for the Salvation Army which is supposed to pick up tomorrow.  I hope I will get one set of my seed trays set up and on the heat mat to get acclimatized before putting in the seeds.

For something very different--I do enjoy reading about colorful eccentrics and this is definitely in that category.


We should have another nice and fairly warm day with temps going into the mid 50s.  The snow piles have dwindled dramatically.  We can see garden containers on the patio we haven't seen in two months.

The Archdruidess summarizes exactly why we no longer watch any of the TV channels listed.

I have been catching all kinds of stories about the Apple Watch.  I am not interested.  I haven't worn a watch since I (un)officially retired (i.e., was unemployed for two and a half years before going on Social Security) and don't intend to take a retrograde step by acquiring one of any kind.  I also don't need another computer--a teensy one at that.  I made a similar decision about iPhones (and by extension all "smart" phones.)  Neither device have much real utility for me.  I am so glad I am not alone on this issue.  Erica Manfred at Senior Planet has a humorous take it.


I have said before that I think the "sharing" economy is a fraud.  It looks like that may be confirmed in court as two U.S. court judges have rejected requests for summary judgement from Uber and Lyft attorneys in a case that challenges their classification of their drivers as "independent contractors."  According to the judges the ambiguities of the case requires a jury verdict which the companies have tried to avoid.

Well, the raids on pension and social security funds can begin in earnest now.  We have seen some attempts to cut pension payments and increase worker contributions on a state and local level but Greece will pave the way for more extensive theft just as Cyprus did for looting depositors (a.k.a., "bail in") to pay bank debts.  Some six or so years ago Ben Bernanke was asked at a Senate or House committee hearing about tapping Social Security and he replied that that "is where the money is."

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