Thursday, March 26, 2015


Good news--the Tumbler tomato, Costoluto tomato, Moldavian balm, and lemon basil plants have started to emerge.  Haven't filled the other flat of starter pots yet.  Need to do that soon.  We got somewhere above the 4 inches of snow the weather people predicted but the temps are supposed to warm up a bit with heavy rain overnight tonight.  I expect it will all be gone (or nearly) by tomorrow.

Exactly why we don't watch as much TV, don't take newspapers or news magazines, and don't believe anything we do read or watch without subjecting it to serious examination for truth and accuracy.  It is all the same message slanted the same way and it all ignores stories we think are important.


Most of the snow has melted as I expected.  The patio and other shaded areas have some remnants.

Ah, bipartisanship!!  I wish this would go far but I don't think it has a snowballs chance in that very hot place.


Overcast for now with the possibility of sun later.  Low temps expected for the next few days.  The seedlings are coming up nicely--for the most part.  I do have a few slow germinators that haven't popped yet.

Speaking of seeds--this story rather pisses me off.  I have read too many stories about how highly hybridized and/or GM seeds have failed.  Often the areas into which the big agribusiness companies want to expand (i.e., Africa and parts of Asia, etc.) are poor areas where the farmers can't afford the chemical additions (fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides) the high-tech crops require.  This effort to capture a market and protect the companies from "investment risks" only speeds the spread of commercial agriculture.  The companies are enriched while the local farmers are impoverished.  As a disclaimer:  I do plant hybrid seeds as well as heirloom varieties.  I draw the line at GMOs.

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