Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Foggy this morning but we should get near 50F today.  Most of the snow on the south side of the house is gone and about half of what was on the north side.  I am so looking forward to the day it will all be gone and I can see how my garden containers are doing.  Our de-cluttering continues.

Evidently voters say they want change.  Problem:  I don't see any real definition of what change they want.  And I doubt that all those who say they want change all want the same change.

Once many, many years the state legislature here in Indiana tried to legislate the value of pi as 3.2.  Why I have no idea but the most used value is 3.14 (and can be carried to infinite places if one has the patience or computing power).  The point I am getting to is just because a politician or a body of politicians declare something to be true doesn't make it true and just because a politician or body of politicians refuse to allow certain facts to be mentioned don't make them disappear.  Perhaps the political dunderheads in Florida should think about that considering their refusal to mention the words "climate change," or any of several terms connected to the phenomenon.

I have been reading recently that the old wisdom about salt leading to hypertension might be a tad over blown, if not actually false.  The new wisdom talks about sugars as a major culprit.  Rational Preparedness has a post today on the subject.  I know I mentioned that we restricted our salt intake after Mom had a blood pressure spike a couple of years ago though we have loosened up on that a bit.
We will never use as much salt as we once did--we have simply lost the taste for it.  At the same time we also started watching the sugars eliminating first the artificial sweeteners and then sugar itself.  That wasn't as hard as one might expect because we eliminated most processed and packaged foods.  We find we have also lost the taste for highly sweetened foods.

Considering yet another passenger train derailment and yet another oil train derailment/fire--this piece from Economist's View makes sense.  We aren't investing in our infrastructure until it fails (hopefully without loss of life and limb) and has to be replaced.

Did you all know that inflation actually declined by 0.1% which means that your income last month "surged???"  Yeah, I didn't either.  As SHTF Plan puts it, the figures are the latest CPI lie and utter bullsh*t.

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