Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Oh, my--a (possible) new high temperature record.  In Antarctica.


Sunny today which feels good.  The temp should rise to near 60 which will also feel good.  I got the second flat of seeds started today.  The first is doing pretty well.  I finally saw one of the peppers emerge--the violet sparkles.  I think I see another emerging.  They have been so much slower than the tomatoes were and a couple of them that haven't come up yet.

Isn't technology wonderful!  Well, yes it is--unless it so dominates your life that other important things are crowded out--like friends, family and the natural world (or what is left of it, anyway.)


Found this by way of another blogger I always read.  We have noticed the bastardization of the notions of "organic" foods for some time.  We totally ignore the labels that scream "organic" or "natural."  We check the back of the label because no food that contains a long list of additives (usually preservatives) or additional unpronounceable chemicals can be truly organic or natural.

Leigh at 5 Acres and A Dream provided the above link in her discussion of language and word usage.  We often think we understand what the words mean only to find that others use them in an entirely unfamiliar way.

As an example of such linguistic ambiguity take a look at the Onion's satyric coverage of Indiana Governor Mike Pence's half-assed attempts to justify the half-assed Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Another item for the "What's old is new again file."  Preparation from a 9th century medical text proves effective against MRSA.  If that is confirmed we might see modern medical researchers going back to ancient sources to deal with our modern problems.

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