Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Welcome to April.  Damn but the year has flown by.  It seems like only a day or so ago I welcomed you all to 2015.  The year is already one-quarter gone.  I checked the gardens with my garden fork yesterday to see if it was thawed enough to work but the fork just bounce off the soil.  Nope--not ready.  The seedlings are doing well and I have another variety of my peppers peeping through the soil.  Still too early for the other flat to show anything.  The rose has some green on some of the stems so I have hopes for it.  I just went out and swept up most of the patio.  I am always amazed by how much blows in each winter.  I also checked the soil again and several of the containers have nearly thawed out completely.  The largest containers have a couple of frozen sections but it is warm enough that I opened the doors so they should get a lot of melting done.  Most of the week should have temps above freezing.

Ursula Le Guin  expresses so well my long-held assessment of the religious bigots (for lack of a better word) who think they have the right to be assholes for Christ.  We have seen way too many of those here in Indiana (and other states).  As well as in history.

The Colorado River basin is nearly bone dry.  We read the statistic which says the basin has been in drought 11 of the last 14 years. About 14 yeas ago we started commenting each year on how weird the weather has been.  The California "rainy season" is over and what storms came through did little to alleviate the drought there and they won't get much out of the snow pack which was less than 20% normal (what ever the hell that is anymore.)

I saw a snippet of this on another site earlier.  Goes to show that the Supreme Court isn't wrong all the time on everything.

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