Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Frost on the roofs this morning with temps in the mid 30s.  I got the bird feeder filled and moved.  But that is about all of the garden activity.  We should have warmer and sunnier weather over the weekend.  See what I get done then.  I have some seedlings that still need repotting if the sudden bug that hit me yesterday is gone.

I like seeing innovative ways of solving some of our current problems.  I wonder how this kind of unit might work in some of our drought stricken areas.

I do love it when somebody is bright enough to question old assumptions about our past.  Evidently, female Vikings kicked ass too.  New studies examining the bones in Viking burials to determine gender (rather than assuming a burial with sword was male while those with oval brooches were female) found that nearly half were women.

The Daily  Banter has a good post on the many layers of unfairness evident in Baltimore.  And the superficiality of what passes for news reporting is mind blowing.

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