Friday, April 10, 2015


Foggy this morning with possible rain/thunderstorms predicted.

We didn't watch  CNN much before we reduced our cable service and we don't watch it at all now.  But this illustrates a pet peeve I have had for sometime with the U.S. media.  They can't handle controversial issues in any manner but the "he said/she said) fashion and they can't bother to get facts straight.


Fog again and thunderstorms predicted.  It dried out yesterday so I was able to set a wire shoe rack (rescued from a neighbor's trash last fall) as a trellis.  Also pulled out a bunch of 3in pots so I can transplant some seedlings that are rapidly out growing their starter pots.

War on the Rocks has some comments on U.S. foreign policy that parallel my own.  Our government has engaged in what I call "cowboy" diplomacy (swagger, bluster, and send in the troops) for as long as I can remember.  That policy has wasted a lot of lives (mostly non-American), wasted a lot of money and equipment (economic stimulus, perhaps???), and justifiably earned us a lot of enmity while weakening our ties to once strong allies (now lukewarm friends??).  Maybe our "leaders" should read Sun Tzu.  Although that assumes they can read, can absorb the information, and will see the significance of it--which is a debatable assumption.


Watching the news this morning and thankful we didn't get any tornado like what hit west of Chicago.  We got some rain yesterday with mild enough temperatures we were able to open the doors for a large part of the day closing the one facing the direction of the wind only when the rains fell.  I think I saw some new leaf buds on the rose and most of the stems are green.  I have hopes for the season.  But then I have hopes every season--that is what spring is for.  Just finished transplanting eight tomato seedlings into 3 inch pots.  Plant to do ten others tomorrow.  Four are looking a little slow so I put them back on the heating mat for a while.  As cool as it is and as chancy as the weather conditions are none are going out in the garden for at least another month.

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