Wednesday, April 22, 2015


The calendar does say "spring."  I checked.  But the weather says "not yet."  It is cold right now (mid 30s) with frost likely and snow possible.  Yes, I did say snow.  It is already reported in areas not far northwest of us.  Needless to say, no gardening today.

Asthma is one of the serious medical conditions which, like obesity and diabetes, has been increasing in recent decades.  Usually, writers tell us that the "experts" don't really know why such maladies are exploding in our modern age.  This article gives some indication that modern life itself is at the bottom of many of our health problems.

I am not at all surprised by the results of this poll.  It follows my own opinions down the line.  I don't trust either the federal government or the state government.  They are too far away from me and what concerns me most.  I don't matter to them while they are very sensitive to the concerns of businesses who want a free hand in polluting the environment, privatizing public services, lowering taxes that pay for things like infrastructure, education, health (all of which affect me directly.)  I vote but the elected officials don't really serve my interests.  Therefore, I don't trust the state and federal officials (elected or otherwise.)

This is something I hope spreads throughout the modern industrial economy.  I like Akio Toyoda's comment about "big-company disease."  They aren't replacing robots see a definite place for human expertise.

If the conclusions presented in this article are right, our current problem with antibiotic resistance is far more complicated than we thought and probably not amenable to technological solution.

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