Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Sunny right now and a bit warmer than yesterday at this time.  The next warm up comes over the weekend--Weather Gods willing.  I really do need to start getting the containers worked and ready because we are only about two weeks away from average frost free date here.  Sometime next week I hope it is warm enough to get the sunflowers started in the location I plan for them.

On the Baltimore situation, which I don't really want to comment on, Helen at Margaret and Helen encapsulates my feelings pretty much exactly.

Does anyone out there use artisanal soaps--you know the locally-sourced, hand-made kind?  Have you had any problems with them?  I haven't heard of any problems in the various news sources I follow.  So why in hell do we need this?  The only reason I can think of is to provide the government with an new revenue stream in the guise of fees, licenses, and inspections.  It would also make sure that more of us remain trapped in the commercial/industrial matrix we would rather escape.

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