Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Wet today and cool for the whole week.  I have nothing planned in the gardens but have a number of plants to transplant into larger pots.  We still have about three weeks before it is safe to start planting outside.  I might be able to put a few plants out with protection from wind and frosts.

With our Senate and House of Reps getting ready to ram through the "fast track" authority it is amazing how little our mainstream media says about it.  Leave it to the writers at Naked Capitalism to detail the implications of the move "Toward Absolutist Capitalism."  I really hope the other nations  involved in the negotiations balk at the provisions the multi-national corporations have been writing in secrecy.  And I wish I could hope that some of our so-called nationalist law makers would also get up on their hind legs and scream about it.  Given how those companies have bought so many governments and legislators I don't hold out much hope.  What galls me is so many of those idiots bray about the Founding Fathers and the principles enshrined in our constitution only when the NRA perceives a threat to gun rights and Christianizes feel threatened because they are told they can't discriminate against whomever they say their religion doesn't condone.

I have been skeptical of the "sharing" economy from the first and my skepticism has grown.  This tells you why.  It was never really sharing and it provided a way to cheat both traditional workers of their livelihood and the new workers these companies engage.


Well, it is definitely cooler.  I put the furnace back on as the temperature is about 40F and won't get out of the 50s.  That is supposed to be the pattern for the rest of the week.

Our western wildfire season has started (as you can see on the news so I won't link to anything) and evidently the Siberian fire season is also off to a roaring start also.  You can read an interesting account here.  As I read the piece I was struck by how very similar Russia and the U.S. really are.  Anything that affects the centers of power get far more coverage than anything on the "periphery" (i.e., anything outside the capital and other centers.)  I don't know how the Russian media is on mind-numbing fluff but that is where ours spend most of its time.

Enjoy these pictures--they had us smiling and laughing throughout.

I don't know why I didn't see this coming.   It will definitely ensure a steady stream of customers cash for company sanctioned repair shops.

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