Sunday, April 19, 2015


The blueberry arrived yesterday but not the sweet potato slips.  I will let it rest before getting it into a larger pot.  That will give me time to condition some soil for the acidity blueberries need.  I transplanted several of the seedlings and plan to do more today.  And unplug the heating mat.  I don't think it is needed now.  I am also conducting an experiment to determine how fast I can lower the pH of my soil.  I have two pos--one with soil treated with a very dilute vinegar solution and the other with the amount of quick acting sulfur recommended for that size pot.  I will water each daily and check the pH.  Hopefully, one or the other (or both) will work.  Mom was surprised that I ordered only one blueberry.  I told her I prefer to kill only one plant at a time.  I may get more if this one survives.


Should be cooler today with rain coming this afternoon.  I am getting my seedlings transplanted a few at a time.  I got a good germination rate.  I still haven't found the key to getting anything from stevia seeds.  Not a one sprouted this year--just like last year and the year before.  I need to get the garden hose out, connected and tested for leaks.  However, next week is supposed to be colder.  Continuing my experiments in adjusting the pH of my soil.

One would think that this incident would have made the national news but we don't remember any account of it and I couldn't find any reference on the site nor any national coverage in the first page of a google search.  Worse it is the second explosion at a fracking site over the last month and a half.

Interesting notion this although our first question was how Walmart and those are going to survive when they have no customers.  Robots don't buy anything.

I have seen some articles on the "negative interest" rates some countries are allowing.  Here is an account from Australia.  It suddenly occurred to me that this seems (to an ordinary person, namely me) that this would be a sneaky way to devalue the money without actually coming out and doing so openly.  The apparent value remains the same but people lose buying power because they have to pay the bank to keep their cash for them.

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