Monday, April 6, 2015


Not much to say today.  Out most of it with errands and doctor's appointments.


Frosty this morning.  Cold enough to remind us that it is early April and winter isn't all that long gone.  The afternoon temps should be much warmer.  All the greens (orach, mizuno,  and tong ho) are up and vigorous.  I may have to transfer some of my other seedlings into larger pots soon but for now I am resisting.  We are only a month-and-a-half away from our average last frost date.

Some interesting and disturbing photos.


Happy Easter for those who celebrate the holiday.

Ain't it the truth!!!  A corollary:  Not all who learn from history learn the same lessons and the lessons they do learn are contradictory.


We had a lovely sunny and warm Easter with family.  I was too lazy to do much reading--as you can probably tell.  Let's see what I get done today.  I did go out and check the gardens.  They are defrosted to at least 10 inches so I figure I can start working out there on dry, warm days.  I got the cover on the mini-greenhouse.  Took a bit of work but once the plastic relaxed it was fine.  I may pick up a new cover for next year or the year after depending on how this one weathers the conditions.

Charles Hugh Smith has a good post on the question "Who Would Jesus Shun?:  It is unfortunate we have so few true Christians spouting off for the media these days.

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