Monday, April 13, 2015


Looks like we have at least partly clear skies this morning.  It is still dark but a bright half moon is hanging in our sky.  If things dry out I will try to move a trellis I want in a different container.  The soil in the containers should start warming up because they are getting more direct sun now for at least part of the day.

I have often said that modern people are much divorced from nature.  We only notice events in nature only when we are inconvenienced by them like travelers facing delays and cancellations because of snow storms or thunderstorms.  Or we are actually hurt physically or economically by an event like the recent tornadoes in northern Illinois where 2 people died and one small town was obliterated.  This story confirms my conclusion but when economists and economic analysts put out studies that don't consider long term weather patterns (like drought) whether related to climate change or not, the phenomenon borders on the criminally insane.  And an interesting thought on the notion of moving at risk populations:  how many, where will they go, and who bears the cost?


I am not doing much today.  I got all of the tomatoes transplanted into larger pots except for the Rosella which aren't as well developed as the others.  I could transplant some of my other seedlings but they can wait.  I moved a couple of my five gallon buckets outside the gate near the fence and filled a flower box that will ride between them on their rims.  I will do the same on the other side with the two more gallon buckets and the last long flower box.  I did move the trellis and got it anchored.  Now the space for this year's tomatoes is clear.


Rainy today.  We have errands and grocery shopping today so I probably won't get much else done.

So Hillary Clinton has announced her run for the presidency.  Surprise, Surprise!!  Yeah, I'm underwhelmed.  The only way she looks good is compared to the Repthuglican idiots running or likely running.  And I am not at all sure that would be a sufficient reason to waste a vote on her.

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