Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Rainy and dreary today though the temps are mild (40s now with highs predicted to hit low 60s).  I used one of my handy-dandy meters to check the fertility and pH of several of my containers.  I won't have to add much fertilizer and the pH of everything I checked were very good.  Only one of my five-gallon buckets needs some fertilizer.  I think it is time to put some of the tomatoes into larger pots and move them onto the plant table by the south window.  That will open up some space for the seeds I want to start in about a week.

To continue in a similar vein--another report debunks the hype over GMO seeds: they don't increase productivity over traditionally produced seeds.

It has taken nearly five years but at last this scumbag family is getting some punishment for their crimes.  Not nearly enough but some is better than none.  The DeCosters represent the worst of industrial agriculture and food production.

Interesting post from Robert Reich this morning.  Money has always spoken very loudly but perhaps not so loudly as now.  I am remembering a segment of Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos in which he talks about Clair Cameron Patterson, the scientist who determined the age of the earth.  Patterson's work also demonstrated the pervasive presence of toxic lead in our environment thanks to the addition of tetraethyl lead in gasoline.  The petroleum industry and the chemical industry offered him lucrative research grants so long as he ceased his investigation of lead pollution.  As the Wizard of Id said years ago: The Golden Rule is "He who has gold rules!"

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