Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I am already irritated with the news.  Between the coverage of the next national election (still nineteen months away, for goodness sake), the "coverage" of developments on other shows carried by the network (which I don't watch and which are not news) and the continuation of stories that are already so old they are starting to smell television news is becoming a major time-waster.  The rain yesterday came in sporadic bursts so I didn't get anything done in the gardens.  I will wait until the weather comes on to decide what and how much to do outside today.  It is about ten degrees cooler (F) so far than this time yesterday.  Temperatures are doing their usual springtime imitation of a roller coaster.

So someone has finally noticed that human beings do better with a regular "dose" of nature.  Now all they have to do is define "dose."  We have been so busy--and in some places still are--destroying our natural environment that there seems little of it left.

"Food Forager"--now that is an interesting job title!!  It is what we do for our own benefit June through October when the farm market is open.  Didn't know you could get paid for it.


Nice weather yesterday.  Dry, sunny and warm.  I got some of my gardens set up and some cleaning up done.  Temperature right now is mid 40s (F) with probable highs in the mid to high 60s.  I have some plants I should transplant into bigger seedling pots and a couple of seeds I should start (or start more of.)  I also got one of the beds cultivated to put a damper on a whole lot of sprouts where those messy birds dropped the seeds.

Ah, I do love to see this.  The "testing regime" has grown into an ogre and needs to be killed.  I don't mind real tests having taken many and constructed more than a few for the classes I taught but it was mainly to assess how I or my students were doing in the classes.  The results didn't determine whether my teachers got their raises/bonuses or even kept their jobs.  And most of the tests were not multiple guess.  They required thought and a good mastery of the subject and an ability to organize the information to provide a coherent answer.  The tests mandated by Common Core and such programs are usually multiple guess the answers to which are quickly and thoughtlessly memorized and just as quickly forgotten.

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