Saturday, March 14, 2015


The warmer temps surely are welcome and the sun.  I can see garden containers that have been buried since sometime in January and the wind spinner that blew off our shepherd's hook during a high wind over a month ago.  Can't get at it yet.  The rose look like it might have survived.  We'll see. Cleaning is on our agenda today.

On the political scene David Kaiser has a good piece and it is depressing because it is so accurate.  I am in and uncomfortable position.  I see no one in either party I am willing to vote for and I am increasingly unwilling to try to find the "lesser evil" of two almost indistinguishable choices.

I have followed water shortage stories for a number of years now.  I remember the drought in the southeast during which Atlanta was reduced to less that three months of water in its major reservoir just before the rains finally returned.  I see stories each week about the drought in southern Brazil which has left Sao Paulo with weeks of water left.  This piece, however, focuses my attention closer to home.

I remember the triumphant claims in the 1980s that "democracy" was expanding across the globe.  We don't really hear that much anymore.  This piece in Zero Hedge might give you an idea of why.  The financial elites simply can't trust that democracy to give the results they want.  Which is why they are gaming the system everywhere.

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