Monday, August 29, 2016


Hasn't been much to comment on as far as news goes since we are in the middle of Survivor: Donald and Hillary Season. That is what our politics has descended into--a "reality" show. No rain yesterday though we had clouds moving in and out that looked threatening throughout the day. I got out a bit to look at things in the gardens, pulled a couple of plants that were well past their prime. And I moved an rearranged s few of the pots. Today I need to harvest some of the spearmint and peppermint. The Peppers and Tomatoes need some attention as well.


I won't be doing much outside today. We have thunder and lightening already with a lot of rain on the weather radar scans. So I will work on a couple of needlework projects that have languished for a while.


We expect more rain early and more sporadically over the day. Looks like another day of needlework and reading. Update: turned out sunny, so far, but warm and humid.


We did get thunderstorms late yesterday so the weather people's models didn't lie. Our online weather says more of the same today.

Contrary Perspective has a nice essay on Holocaust Forever? As I recall the NAZI death machine murdered more than 12 million people of whom 6 million were Jews. We don't often hear about the others who haven't attained eternal victim status.

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