Thursday, August 11, 2016


I did get some of my garden work done yesterday before it got too hot. Took out two tomatoes that were pretty well spent--one of which had been giving me problems because the winds were pushing it off kilter and making it lean dangerously askew.

We got all of our errands done and got home just as the heat and humidity ramped up. The new hose will wait until tomorrow to get broken in. We wound up getting half a bushel each of canning tomatoes and Romas from a large farm market which would get a lot more business from us if we lived closer to it. That should give us all the sauce and canned, quartered tomatoes we need for the winter. We start on those tomorrow. Sometime in between I should harvest some of the peppermint and check over the peppers and tomatoes really well. It should (I hope) be cooler for the next several days.

The Globe and Mail published this opinion piece which says much of what I have been thinking for sometime: we need to stop thinking about efficiency as a supreme good. In the drive for industrial efficiency our system has created a lot of goods at the cost of resource depletion, increased pollution and the increasing inability of "consumers" to buy the goods because the process has driven down labor costs by eliminating a lot of jobs which once paid for the goods.

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