Thursday, August 4, 2016


Light day yesterday. We did our shopping early and it was already too warm to do much outside. I have to water everything really well today because of the heat yesterday and the higher temps expected today. I also need to harvest the beans, tomatoes and cucumbers. I will be cooking up the tomato sauce to can tomorrow along with the beans and pickles. We made a quick run to the supermarket today to get some lemon juice. I need it to can put up the tomatoes tomorrow. Mom used most of what we had for the pasta salad we have for supper.

Of course, The Donald's campaign staff deny the incident (the candidate asking a foreign relations expert why, since we have them, we can't use nuclear weapons) but it is is so in character with our modern version of Peter Pan (the boy--or spoiled toddler--who never grew up) is seems totally credible. But this article takes the (perhaps apocryphal incident) and broadens the focus from the very flawed candidate to a very flawed social/political system. We have spent insane amounts of resources and money building weapons systems, maintaining them, occasionally "modernizing" them, and now scaling them down so they might be useful in a limited area or battlefield knowing that using them would be catastrophic.

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