Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Cool weekend temperature wise with heavy rain on Saturday. Usually by this time the moisture has been wrung out of the atmosphere here but not this year. I didn't get much done over the last three days. I spent most of Friday and Saturday resting up from a nasty fall on Friday which could have been much worse. The door mat had become slippery with wear and all the rain. I stepped out the door, slipped and fell hard. Thankfully no damage a couple of days not moving much didn't cure. The mat (and its counterpart at the front door) has been replaced. I cut down two spend tomato plants and the Blauhilde bean tower with its supporting sunflowers. I didn't realize how busy the birds had been at them until I looked at the largest flower head and found almost no seeds. I plant those largely for the birds and to provide support for bean plants. They fulfill both purposes very nicely.


I may not get much done today. We have errands. I did take down the last bean tower and the last sunflowers. I will look for some fall flowers to provide color--mums, maybe.

I have seen another spate of stories on the unconscionable increases in drug prices. Here is another which should piss everyone off.

This is hardly a surprise: the Louisiana floods due only in part to climate change. The rest was poor infrastructure and lousy government planning. I can guess that after the 1983 floods politicians responded to voters demands for action. They made plans and actually began some projects. Then after the furor settled down everything went back to what it had been before--except that the population more than doubled. I suspect a similar pattern will prevail this time around. Voters will demand something be done and politicians will scramble to make it appear that they are doing something. Think Katrina.

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