Friday, December 9, 2016


And a snowy one it is. We did get our first measurable snow yesterday along with an hour-and-a-half blackout.

Ah, someone says exactly what I feel about the recent election!!


I like that word "Commercialmass." Anyone who has visited this blog in past years at this time know how little I like the commercialization of this (and other holidays).

John Feffer has a post on Englehardt's Tomdispatch site that is a take off on his Splinterlands novel. I am waiting for my copy to come in at my local bookstore.


Most of the snow we got Sunday has melted. The temperatures rose higher than the weather people expected.

An interesting counterpoint to this story: our local grocery store took out its "self-service" lanes and put back the two regular checkout lanes they removed three or four years ago to make way the cashier-less stations. We rarely used them preferring to chat with the cashiers who rang up our sales. We like that human contact. I don't think a totally cashless store would fly here--certainly not for us. Also we don't use "smart" phones and we like the paper receipts.


And excellent summary by Nomi Prins of how the Bully-elect's administration is shaping up: of the billionaires, by the billionaires, and for the billionaires.

Friday--nothing much out there today.

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