Friday, December 16, 2016


This doesn't really help the people arguing for the Dakota Access Pipeline. The electronic monitors didn't detect the leak; the land owner found it.


I do like a man who loves his job!!! And I love reading about entitled assholes who get taken down a peg or two (or three or four).

When there is nothing to laugh about a good snicker works!!

Then Echidne of the Snakes posted this which one of her commentators called perfect LAWS (laugh and weep simultaneously.)


The lake effect snow hasn't shown up--yet. The weather people predicted it for last night and today so it still has time to develop. The temperatures are really frigid--down into the low single digits. We did all of our grocery and other errands yesterday so we can stay snug inside today and for what they say will be another snowy weekend starting tomorrow.

John Feffer has a new post at Foreign Policy in Focus: From Here To Dystopia. I finished Splinerlands last night. I think it will be worth a second read sometime later next year. The name of his main character, Julian West, kept tickling the back of my mind. I knew I had read another book with a character of the same name but not recently. And I was right. the book was Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward. However, Bellamy's book, published in 1887 and which I read more than 30 years ago, was a socialist utopian novel in which the state is the benevolent employer and everyone is happily toiling away in a socialist paradise. There was another book that was a direct answer to Bellamy (which I also read but the title of which and author I can't remember). That one ended in a workers' rebellion and anarchy.


Nothing much to comment on. The temps broke 20F a bit ago. Only very light flurries so far but more expected tonight. Tomorrow is supposed to be messy with temps high enough to give us a mix of rain, freezing rain, and snow.

I started six tubes each of spinach and lettuce under the lights upstairs. We'll see how they do.

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