Sunday, December 4, 2016


I didn't have anything to say about anything yesterday. So I just read other things. I also cleaned out a number of sites and blogs I am not going to follow any more. My interests change, or the blogger's interests or focuses change, our they (or I) have hit a rut and I need to shake things up a bit on my side. Some bloggers I have followed have become more commercial and I don't want to be bombarded with plugs for products.

This morning I found this interesting item. Facebook a digital graveyard?? Hmmmm! Yeah, I see the point but I think it needs expanding. The entire internet is a digital graveyard. I can't count the number of times I found a blog during a search and thought it might be interesting to follow only to discover that the blogger is no longer active. Whenever the aggregator I use suggests a new site for me I check first when the last post was published. Often I find the writer hasn't posted for a year--2 years--or more. When ever I check out a news story I check the publication date first of all because too often I have found the story isn't really all that new. Someone has just found it and linked to it as though it were. The whole internet is a digital graveyard not just social media.

We had snow flurries this morning but it hasn't accumulated. We have had no significant snow fall and it is the first weekend of December. The temperatures have been up and down but trending downward. The furnace has gone on more often but since we keep the temp inside at 68F it hasn't been working all that frequently. I left the plants in the tower, and the lavender and three mums in their various places. We'll se if they survive the winter. I just spent a bit of time making up some toilet paper roll starting pots which I will plant with lettuce and spinach to see how they will do inside. Be nice to get some greens over winter that are locally grown. I brought the blueberry in when that first cold snap froze the soil in the containers. I don't think it was damaged. Something else we will see about. I gave up on the one sickly rosemary but the two others I started from cuttings are doing well. The will need a new home soon. Getting much too big for their current location. I need to sit down with some drafting paper and map out the garden so I can plan where to put what. The catalogs have started coming in so planning the what is on tap as well.

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