Sunday, December 18, 2016


Exhausting day already and it isn't even noon yet. Some time ago we got some put-together shelving to replace some that was getting more than a bit brittle and worn. It turned out the new shelves were too big to put in the place where we intended to put them--where the old shelves were. We didn't even have to unwrap them to see our plan just wouldn't work. So, being just-in-case types, we stored them up in our plant/sewing/catch-all room and completely rearranged that space. Well, I finally was slugged by inspiration and found a way to use the shelves. It involved moving one set of shelves into a space in another room where they fitted perfectly and putting the new shelves in the vacated space instead. Couldn't put the entire five shelf unit in but the last shelf fits nicely under the table and provides more space for things. I have begun to put things in new arrangements but it is going to be a while before everything is in place again. Right now I have done enough for the day.


We got the snow promised and some vicious winds as well. We have no reason to go out so we won't.

I have the rest of the clean up upstairs to finish and will be busy with that for the day.

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