Friday, December 23, 2016


Well, another Monday and December is nearly 2/3 finished. I am so ready for this year to end but I am not looking forward to the next with anything like hopeful anticipation. At least not on the political/social/economic front. I am always hopeful about the gardens and the little projects I have going. The temperature outside is -12 with a windchill making it feel like -24. Thankfully I don't have to be out in it. We have a thick blanket of snow over everything on the patio except the path to the gate and the garbage tote. The weather people predict a stretch of about 5 days with temperatures at or above freezing so some of it may melt before the next round. However, those forecasts change each day.

Happy story!! Library cat 1/idiot councilman 0.

According to Charles Hugh Smith's questionnaire I am a Deplorable. He notes you don't have to be white to be such. And, since I didn't support the Repthuglican nominee but I do agree with all of the statements with a bit of an amendment on one, I guess you don't have to be one of them either.


Nothing much I wanted to link to or comment on. I spent a good bit of time winding embroidery thread onto bobbins. That is part of my effort to both clean up the sewing/craft area and find out what is where. I don't know how often I couldn't find something I knew I had and bought another--only to find the original later.

Happy Solstice and Welcome to (meteorological) winter.

We had a more complicated shopping trip than usual. I needed more bobbins which meant a trip to Michaels. I needed to return a nook cover which I thought would fit but didn't so we needed to stop by Barnes & Noble. And so it went--several small stops culminating in the grocery store. Nothing much else got done.


Tom Englehardt on the possibility the Trump administration will make us wish for 1984.


Was quite warm yesterday and we are supposed to have above normal temps for the next ten days. I wonder how much of the snow will melt.

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