Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Morning, All. Hope you had a really nice 4th. Yesterday was great. Too bad the weather from yesterday wasn't what we had for the 4th itself. But that has been the standard pattern of weather this year. Unseasonably cold and wet followed by unseasonably warm and dry. And through it all we did not get enough rain to do any real good for the gardens. Luckily we had good food and good company for my sister's cook-out on Saturday.

I found this Newsweek article this morning that rang a bell. I also like to re-read old favorites. I have collected some of the Judge Dee and Nero Wolf mysteries twice now. I will keep my 'Father Brown Omnibus' and several other classics. I miss seeing new Father Koestler and Brother Cadfael stories coming out. But I keep my favorite editions to revisit from time to time. What favorites do you revisit?

Newsweek also has another of those 100 best lists. I didn't do as well on this one as I usually do. I only read all or significant portions of 51 of the titles listed. I did note, though, that I had read several works not listed by some of the authors. I also noticed that I had read a lot of the older books. Some of them I doubt I would have read if they had not been required for courses I was taking or papers I was writing.

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