Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Good Morning, Everyone. It is gray, drizzly and cool today. The plants will probably like this change though the cats are very, very annoyed. Especially a certain gray monster who thinks going out on the patio is his right.

Thank you, Looking to the Stars. I think green thumbs get greener with practice and I have been getting more lately after many years of inactivity--due to circumstances beyond my control because I would loved to have had a garden during that time.

I have some pictures of a different kind of garden this morning. I finally moved the my place mats from the UFO or WIP column to the FINISHED column. They all use a hexagon base. The top picture is the basic pattern: 'Grandmother's Flower Garden.' The others are simply variations on color and placement of the colors. It is a great way to use left over fabrics. A coupe of them are from old clothes long past their useful life as clothing.

I hand pieced these--something I usually don't do. But I don't like machine working such small pieces even more and it is easier to fit these pieces by hand.

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