Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hello, again, everyone. Well, we are over the hump of the week. And as usual the time is going incredibly fast. We have only a little over a week before we get into August. As if we didn't know that the big box stores are already flooding the airwaves with ads for back-to-school sales and our local grocery store has a display of such goods in its main 'power' aisle. Damn, the time flies whether you are having fun or not.

I found this little article on MSNBC this morning. This illustrates my biggest bone of contention with modern society. The inability of our bureaucratic institutions, public or private, to treat individuals as individuals. The case involves a mother who breast fed her first child but who has to give her second child formula because she has had a double mastectomy in the intervening time. The IRS refuses to accept the cost of the formula as a medical expense because they consider the situation a matter of choice. Well, if this woman had choice she would be breast feeding but, because of a medical condition (aka, cancer) she no longer has that choice. What about women who simply don't produce enough milk? And I am sure there are other medical conditions that prevent women from breast feeding?

For another entry in the same category go to this site. Perhaps this provides a reason why it takes two years or more to get disability benefits. This is a system designed to create medical paupers.

John Aravosis has another entry in the 'why we desperately need a publicly funded health care system' or the 'private insurance has bureaucrats also' categories. If these shenanigans don't make you swear long and loud, you are brain dead.


Kay Dennison said...

I *finally* got Social Security disability a couple years ago. As a stroke patient who lost the use of my dominant hand/arm and partial use of a leg, I was told more than once that I didn't have a disabilty. I know plenty of people who get it for the damnedest reasons. Heck! There are lots of kids with ADD etc. who get disability. I suppose it makes sense if you want it to.

As to insurance, I have long said there has to be a better way. I juat am not convoinced that the government should be handling it with the way they botch up other things.

Looking to the Stars said...

The system is broken and full of a-holes that don't want to pay. They think they can lie and get away with it (like saying the lady has a choice about breast feeding). I get really upset about these things, it irks me to no end but I keep hoping they will fix it not put a band aid on it. We shall see, have a good one :)