Friday, July 3, 2009

Good Morning, Everyone. Well, here it is--July 3. Where has the year gone? Half over all ready.

I found this little item on MSNBC as I was going to get my e-mail. I have never trusted labels much. If a label tells you that you get a miniscule number of calories per serving, take a real hard look at the serving size. Do you really believe anyone is going to eat only a quarter of a cup of roasted mixed nuts? I don't. Nor do I believe the 'Organic' label. Over the last few years we have read more labels than we have ever before and made some serious changes in what we buy. The article makes it very plain who Federal agencies really protect--and it isn't the consumer. The only time they worry about the consumer is when s/he isn't buying things like there is no tomorrow, or like the credit flow won't stop. Then they get concerned.

I have to get myself out and go to the library today. So I will say bye for now.

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