Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Morning, Everyone. It is my day to go the the public library since I have books due. I find that I finish far fewer books that I used to. Not too many years ago I would have slogged through any book I got my hands on no matter what. No longer. It isn't that I am no longer interested in the topics. Rather I have read most of the information and conclusions elsewhere and either I already agree or they don't present any new argument or data to change my mind. Why waste the time. So I got four books this last time and didn't finish any of them. Maybe I will have better luck with new ones.

I really am about to resign my charter membership in the News Junkies Club. Perhaps I should start a News Junkies Anonymous club. The treatment of the Massachusetts special election has had me shouting obscenities at the news writers and readers. I don't know how often I have heard that "the Democrats have lost their majority.' Really??? Scott describes himself as the 41st Republican. Last I heard 59 out of 100 is still a majority and that would belong to the Democrats. Even I you remove the two so-called Independents (I think it was 2 last I heard) you still come up with 57 Democrats/2 Independents/41 Republicans. The Democrats still have a majority. The problem is that while the Republican have presented a nearly united front the Democrats are acting like Democrats--each off in his own self-important Never-Never Land. Frankly, I don't see that this makes a particle of difference as far as governing this country is concerned. We still have grid-lock.

Worse yet is the speculation of what it all means and no one in the media is asking whether both sides in the debate are misreading the results. The Republicans want to believe that Americans en masse are rejecting Obama's agenda and coming around to their way of thinking. The Democrats want to believe that most Americans approve of them but have been spooked by the scare tactics Republicans have so excelled at since the beginning of the Cold War and simply improved at since 9/11. They are both mistaken. What no Democrat wants to acknowledge is that Obama was elected on a promise of Change (with a capital C). But that Change meant different things to different people and not all who supported Change in general supported the change in the particular. There are a lot of people out there punishing the Democrats for having failed to deliver by voting Republican because they have no other means of expressing their displeasure.


Looking to the Stars said...

I buy paperback books now, so I can read what I want when I have the time.

No one can tell me that the Dems were not thinking before Kennedy died of replacing him. Looks to me like they handed the state to the Rep's. but I could be wrong :)

Facebook keeps throwing me out for some reason but I was able to accept your friend request on fishville and send you a gift from castle age. I have not been able to get on to any of the other games but castle age. Its acting so wierd when I go to any of the other ones, just keeps kicking me out to my gateway page. ugh!

have a good one

Kay Dennison said...

Well said!!!!! Brava!!!!!!