Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello, again, Everyone. Hope the day will be a good one for you. I plan to do some stitching most of it. Remember the old bumper sticker that said 'a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work'? That is equally applicable to stitching.

Anyway, Archcrone, at The Crone Speaks, very eloquently expresses my conclusions concerning the mess that has been made of Health Care Reform. I, also, vote a resounding NO on the question of mandates. But then I have come to feel that much of the system has become extortionate. Or threatens to become so. Consider the perverse notion that a commission deal with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as a 'deficit reduction' measure. Of course, they aren't talking about the 800+ military bases of varying sizes) world wide. Nor are talking about legislators who make 4 times what the 'average' American family makes in salary alone (not including speaking fees, book deals and any other income them might have on the side).

Robert Reich has a good take on the current political situation. It reflects my own thoughts. Obama was elected on a promise of change, a hope for change. What change was never specified. Now many groups whose hopes haven't materialized are angry and lashing out. Unfortunately, the Republicans are taking comfort in the notion that the nation's voters have seen the light and will come to them for answers. Sorry, they are peddling the same old conservative nostrums that favor big business over the rest of us. The Democrats are scrambling to get ahead of the populist fervor. However, their leadership is not really aligned with populism. The deeds have never matched the rhetoric.

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Looking to the Stars said...

Happy sitching, work like that is very peaceful. Sort of food for the soul.

No matter what Obama accomplishes or not, I think I will vote for him again if he seeks a second term. Maybe someday the Rep's will see that thier bubble has burst and no one is buying their spin

have a good one :)