Monday, January 18, 2010

Hi, Everyone. The weather has warmed a bit--not enough to shed the heavy coat, hooded scarf, and gloves. But about half of the snow we accumulated over the last 3 weeks or so has melted. We still have some small mountains of it in the parking lot and some small hills of it covering our planters. Last night and earlier this morning we had freezing fog. It wasn't thick enough to hinder driving so we got our errands done. The effect on the trees and shrubs was really pretty--like someone had taken a fine brush and coated the tips of branches, evergreen needles and the remaining pampas grass fronds with silver.

This little article at the Energy Bulletin (by way of the Oil Drum) is very interesting. For sometime nuclear power boosters have been touting the French model as one to follow. Maybe--but then again, maybe not. I have several problems with the notion of expanding nuclear power generation. The waste generated is highly radioactive for hundreds of human lifetimes. Current nuclear plants have accumulated massive amounts of it on site because they have no where to put it. The Yucca Mountain site has been delayed for the last two decades and may never come on line. And there seem to be no alternatives. Even if it did come on line, who can guarantee safe transport of the waste to the storage site? The Republicans in the Senate and House have raised holy hell about the fiscal debts we are bequeathing to new generations into the distant future but they emit not a peep about the radioactive waste we are bequeathing the future even if we don't build another plant. Frankly the latter scares me far more than the latter. Then there is the problem of continued maintenance. We have a problem now maintaining the electric grid, the sewer and water systems, the roads, the bridges, and the levees. I am not at all sure I want to see what would happen here if there was a similar strike over here. (My major quibble with the author is his description of America as 'monoethnic' and homogeneous. I think I see where he is coming from but I am not sure the argument should be taken as far as he tries to take it.)


I had intended to post the item above last night but forgot about doing it. I am now working on Tuesday, Jan 19. They say we are supposed to get some sun later. I hope so. The January thaw continues. I can see patches of grass out front where we get the most direct sun. I am counting the days until we get above 45 consistently and I can put the heavy coat away.

It has been a bit busy already. I just finished pouring 8 scented candles. Everything I used except for the scent wax (only a small amount needed) was recycled. I have years of candle ends I have accumulated and a lot of the glass candle holders. I absolutely hate getting rid of things and anyone who burns commercial candles knows how much wax is left. So I now have 8 new candles, 4 each of rose and lilac. I also used old votive candles, many of which have lost their original scent, at the centers.


Kay Dennison said...

I'm on the fence on the nuclear power thing. I haven't seen enough evidence to support its use and the hysteria against it affects me the same way the religious right does.

I envy you your ability to do all these nice things. My manual dexterity issues from my stroke slow me down/hamper me terribly.

Anonymous said...
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