Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hello, Everyone. It has been a lazy day today. Have puttered around with all kinds of things but haven't finished reading my e-mails, google alerts or blog list yet. Two of the cats needed a bath. They took it better than I thought they would. They are sleeping off the upset and drying off.

I think I remarked sometime in the past few posts that we decided to start grinding our own beef and pork. Mom brought out the oldest of the roasts and round steaks we had, thawed them and ground them up yesterday. Just looking at the result I would guess that the result was equivalent to the 91% hamburger (the leanest available in the supermarket). None of the cuts cost us more than $2.50/lb but the product would cost about $4/lb.


Kay Dennison said...

I hardly ever buy meat anymore -- it's far too expensive. Buying a meat grinder would not help -- I don't bother cooking for one mostly.

Looking to the Stars said...

Days like that are nice :)

I would like to give "the boys" a bath but its still too cold (they catch cold very easy) and boy do they stink! I do have wipes that help but it will be nice when I can submerge them :)

I do not eat meat often but my husband is a big meat eater, his parents were vegaterians when he was younger and I will have to pry the meat from his cold dead hands :)
I buy my meat from a local meat market, raised locally on land my father once owned, they have been in buisness since 1955.

The games on facebook are driving me nuts today. The only one that will load is Castle Age. I'm even having problems with facebook loading and so is my husband. Don't know what the problem is. I have Castle Age on my favorites so I don't have to go thru facebook.

take care