Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good morning, everyone, on this rainy Wednesday. The storm moved in just about the time our coffee finished brewing along with some lightning and thunder. The weather people say this round will end in about three hours and the next won't come in before late this afternoon. I don't mind the rain since I fertilized the gardens yesterday afternoon hoping the rain would come and help wash the fertilizer down to the roots. For once, everything worked as I hoped.

Good to have you back, Kay. I agree on needing a rest from the media. Our choices seem to be endless repetitions of meaningless (s)news or endless re-runs of shows we didn't want to see in the first place. Monday I was so disgusted I put Pandora on. At least that media is soothing.

Thanks, Lois. I am really pleased (so far) with how the gardens are developing. It takes time to figure out what works and raising everything in containers is definitely new for me. The last time I was able to do anything more than raise a few African violets in pots inside I had a 20'x16' main bed with 2' beds lining the yard along the fence. That provided a lot of space. Here--I am definitely dealing with the 'law of the minimum.' And what limits me here is space. But it is something I will have to live with because we just signed a new two-year lease. Gaining space simply isn't worth what we would loose.


Kay Dennison said...

Thanks! I need to keep away from the junk that keeps landing in my mailbox.

I'm not looking forward to the rain you're sending this way! I hope it goes to Cleveland.

Looking to the Stars said...
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