Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good morning, everyone. As you can probably tell I was in a very contrary mood yesterday. It has been building for some time and I finally cut loose. I agree with you, Kay. I am very tired of all of the sanctimonious, self-serving idiots out there who insist on 'austerity' for me but not for them and theirs. The only ones sharing the sacrifice of their plans are those in the lowest 80% of the economic food chain.

Well, Well!!! This might put an interesting wrinkle in the debt ceiling 'negotiations.' (In quotation marks because it isn't really a negotiation when one side absolutely refuses to negotiate.) It makes me hope Obama has the backbone to play the card. Bi-partisanship is fine when both sides want to work together and not play 'gotcha.'

I guess we shouldn't be surprised anymore by Repthuglicans railing against 'entitlements' or other government programs while benefiting mightily from them. Can anyone else spell 'hypocrite.'

And then there is this item for the 'Greedy, Irresponsible Company allied with Feckless Government Agency' file. So let me follow the logic of this story: you have a company that has filed suit against the state to set aside a clean up order (for radioactive waste discharged into a creek feeding into a major city's water supply) but which is now allowed by the state agency governing environmental matters to discharge 90k gallons of radioactive sludge and waste into a retaining pond that is leaking??? And I am not at all reassured that other natural barriers would prevent anything from getting away from the pond (and would be even less reassured if I lived out there).

All I can say to this one is--Right on, Bernie.


Kay Dennison said...

This one of your best posts ever. i decided long ago that when one reaches our age, we can be as contrary as we want to be. And given what's going on in this country, I'm in Cranky Old Broad mode until a modicum of sanity prevails! What really bothers me is that the greedy you-know-whats who want to steal our SS and Medicare are the same ones who sold our jobs. Who's going to clean their houses and mow their lawns when they kill us off?

Bernie is our last best hope! I'm ready to move to Vermont!

Looking to the Stars said...

I'd really like to know what is behind the Rep's madness. Maybe nothing, maybe they are just crazy. One thing for sure, they don't give a hangnail for us!

Glad Bernie is standing up!

take care :)