Monday, October 5, 2015


I cleared the rest of the sweet potatoes but got no new tubers.  Why those plants didn't produce when they were in containers right next to the one that produced, I have no idea.  I found small sections that might have developed if they had another two months but we are only two weeks away from average first frost. The peppermint is on my agenda.  That should fill my dehydrator.


Peppermint is still on my to-do list and it may be tomorrow.  The wind made temperatures that did not get out of the 50s feel much cooler and we had sprinkles of rain--all of which killed my ambition. We expect similar conditions today but I don't have anything that absolutely must be done now.

This is so pretty and, if I had the space corn would like, I would grow it.

Oh, definitely!!


Still gray and misty outside.  Things are supposed to warm up and turn sunny starting tomorrow.  I hope.  At least we don't have what South Carolina has.

This sounds so very familiar.

Maybe it is time to formulate a new "American Dream."

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