Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Grist had this take on the WHO declaring meat "carcinogenic" and I think it pretty well tells the story. As the author notes anything and everything can kill you under the right circumstances. Perhaps we need to chill out and be more moderate in our consumption of all foods.  That may be hard to do in a society that encourages gluttony.


We have a cold stretch coming for the rest of the week. The temps started falling a bit yesterday and a gentle rain fell most of the day. I heard a couple of harder rains last night but I won't complain because we need the moisture. I haven't watered because I am still clearing all my garden containers. I am not in any real hurry and I think I am slower about it because I really am not ready to greet winter.

They keep telling us "We're #1." I guess it all depends.  Evidently not in maintaining roads and bridges. Another example of the (you're on your)own(ership) society.

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