Sunday, October 18, 2015


It has been quite chilly around here.  The cold front has come through and morning temps have been in the mid 30s yesterday and today.  We spent yesterday on a day trip with a group to the Meijer Botanical and Sculpture Gardens.  We enjoyed the trip so much we plan a trip on our own next Summer.  I didn't take my camera and don't like to use the phone camera so no pictures.  But if you ever get to Grand Rapids it is well worth the time.  Today is a rest day.  Enjoyable as the day was it was also exhausting.  I will take it easy today.

The weather people said we had frost warning for last night and, with the morning light, we see frost on the nearby roofs.  The temps should start going back up tomorrow so I think I will leave garden clean up till then.  I am still a bit sore in my lower back from the bus trip yesterday.

I was stunned when I watched some of the video from the California highway mudslide.  The written descriptions are also stunning.  One account I saw last night said the mud was six feet deep in some places and beginning to harden into something resembling cement.

This is good news.  The EPA has been captured by big agribusiness interests and continuously hamstrung by business oriented Dempublicans.

The conclusion the author of this blog reaches is one we have come to here for some time.  The notion that we have privacy is ridiculous.  It is gone along with any "right" to privacy.  Sheri Lewis has some comments on the financial side of the privacy issue.

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