Monday, October 12, 2015


Just spent half an hour trying to scan a design with commands from the computer.  Ain't working. We just upgrade to the new Yosemite operating system and none of the scan functions work from the computer.  I haven't found anything yet.  Oh, well, I can scan manually and print remotely. That will do for now.

The gardens are almost shut down.  I have the mandevilla to take out along with four ornamental sweet potatoes.  Will soon cut down the hyssop and the remaining peppermint for drying.  I am debating moving the feverfew and the foxglove before covering them for the winter.


For some reason my computer froze this morning.  My cursor wouldn't move anywhere and the forced quit wouldn't work.  I finally had to do a hard shutdown of the computer itself.  When I started it again everything, so far, has worked.


The gardening season is definitely winding down.  I took out what was left of the sunflower stalks and the beans.  When I cut them down earlier I cut about four inches above the soil.  Even so cutting out the upper part of the roots was a chore--big, deep and tough.  The rest can remain in the ground and decompose there.  I don't intend to do any deep digging in the beds.  Nothing below the top 6-8 inches.  My version of "container no-dig" cultivation.  I looked at the remaining hyssop and peppermint and decided not to take any more for drying.  I have plenty of the peppermint and don't use much of the hyssop so not taking any more is no hardship.  I put hyssop in mainly for the color (lovely purple spikes) and the bees (which love it.)  I put the dehydrator away for the season--or, rather, I put one away.  I will box the other in the next few days.

I just love the way Congress can waste time and money.  The "Select" Committee on Benghazi is a case in point.  I put select in quotes because I think they held a biggest idiot contest on the Repthuglican side to decide who would man be on it.  I struck man because I cant see where there is a "man" there except in the purely biological sense of having an X and a Y chromosome.

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