Friday, February 26, 2016


Things should be pretty much back to normal today. The city crews and our landlord's crews got to our area mid afternoon yesterday. I was about to say "finally" but that sounds like I was impatient or put out by the delay but I wasn't and am not. We got a lot of snow. We still have snow on our patio but we aren't going anywhere till next week so we will let the warm temps (50s!!) do some of that job for us. One of the reporters last night called what we got "heart attack snow" because it is so wet and heavy. Mom saw two people trying to clear snow with shovels they had broken in the effort.

Helen at Margaret and Helen has a good post today. Her assessment of the debate (and the campaign generally, to my mind) as an asshole between a liar and a fool with two after-thoughts in the wings. The only thing I am not sold on is the notion that we should vote for who ever the Democratic nominee is. Yesterday Greer noted (in a piece I linked to) that the whole tenor of political debates for decades has been "My side will be less horrible to you than their side" and voting became simply choosing the lesser of the two (we)evils (for those of you who have seen and love Master and Commander). For my part I am getting sick and goddam tired of voting for whoever I think will hurt me less.

I have said often here that government should not be run like a business. The aims are not (or should not be) the same and the measures of success are (or should be) different. Case in point this article from The Morning Sun in Michigan.

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