Sunday, February 21, 2016


We had extremely high winds yesterday. Some spectacular damage in Chicago where a couple of walls at construction sites actually fell over and a window or two went flying from a couple of high rises downtown. More locally we may have had some damage of our own. We had a two-hour black out that thankfully came just as I was ready to take my bread out of the oven. That is the problem of nearly all electric living. No lights, no heat (which thankfully we didn't need), no TV, no internet and no cooking. We have a small propane if such a situation lasts more than a couple of hours but we decided to try a little Mexican restaurant in the town just north of us my brother recommended. The power came back on soon after we got back home and we did enjoy the new restaurant. We will be doing our shopping today so I don't know how much I will write or read.


As you can see I didn't get much reading or writing done yesterday. We had a number of stops to make. Just one of those times when extras piled up and extended our shopping. I needed to replace my spare grow light tube. One of the other tubes burned out. Mom's computer mouse fizzled out so she needed to replace it. I needed new plant stakes. We had to replace out stapler. All that on top of our regular grocery shopping which included stops at Panera, the supermarket, and the meat market. It was an absolutely gorgeous day so we enjoyed being out.

So, Jeb! is out of the race in spite of the efforts of Momma Bush and Brother George to boost his lackluster campaign. At times, it was hard to remember he was even in it. A commenter on one of the sites I visit wrote that the American Electorate is tired of the Bush-Clinton tag team which explains Jeb!'s poor showing and Sanders' stronger than expected showing.

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