Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Sometime today a new round of snow should move in. They just updated the weather putting the onset of snow off to tomorrow.The weather people say we may get between 4 an 6 inches before it ends late tomorrow Thursday. Well, we aren't planning on going out over the next few days so we will hibernate.

I planted hyssop, lavender, Moldavian balm, lemon balm, bee balm-lemon, lemon basil, and summer savory yesterday. Should start the rest of my tomatoes, sunflowers, and peppers by the end of the week.

Bread baking day. I will try out a recipe for a wheat/rye sourdough. The starter is on the counter bubbling nicely. I divided my starter and fed both parts putting one back in the fridge and leaving the other out overnight.

Yves Smith has carried this post on Naked Capitalism. In case you think the story is applicable over there and not over here see this post from the White House site.

Robert Reich has a post at Alternet that echoes the sentiments from the Naked Capitalism piece about the cluelessness of the political establishment, bureaucrats and others of that ilk. They are clueless because they inhabit a bubble which renders the lesser beings invisible along with their problems.

I had heard that Syngenta had agreed to a buy out offer from a Chinese company but I hadn't heard that Monsanto had been in the bidding for Syngenta as well. I am glad that Monsanto lost the bid. I am not fond of any of the big agribusiness companies--too much reliance on chemicals and GMO seeds. I don't know if the GMOs are dangerous but I don't trust them and so avoid them as much as possible.

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